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I'm Kartik, a web developer currently living in Manipal, IN and studying at the Manipal Institute of Technology. When I'm not composing code or brainstorming how to tackle that next issue, you'll find me reading, eating, or out playing basketball.

1yr Graphic Design + 3yrs Front End Dev + 2yrs Ruby on Rails

Interested in what you see?

I am currently taking on new projects. If you’d like to work together or just say hello, feel free to contact me through this form, email or Twitter.

A Few Of My Projects


A personal project aiming to revolutionize the way people look for jobs and companies present themselves to the world.

Position: Lead Developer

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My entry into the Microsoft Hacknight. Using the VibeAPI to make building resumes faster.

What I did: Built the Rails app

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SIZR is a company that I am part of and we hope to change the world someday. This is our website.

What I did: Built the Jekyll/Ruby blog and landing page

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